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Registration and individual access credentials

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  • Registration can be done by accessing

  • If you want to change the email address that appears in your registration, you must do so on the "Account Data" page on the CIÊNCIA ID platform.

    The personal data updated in CIÊNCIA ID will then be synchronized the next time you log into the FCT information systems with CIÊNCIA ID authentication.

  • With the entry into operation of authentication with CIÊNCIA ID in the FCT information systems, as of October 1, 2019, the change of personal data (name, gender, date of birth, nationality, email and ID document) is now performed on the CIÊNCIA ID platform ("Personal Data" page).

    The personal data updated in CIÊNCIA ID will then be synchronized the next time you log into the FCT information systems with CIÊNCIA ID authentication.

  • No, you just need to associate a CIÊNCIA ID to the existing record. To learn how to get a CIÊNCIA ID see this question

  • It is not allowed to have more than one valid user registration in FCT systems. For this reason, you should only associate your SCIENCE ID to a single record.

  • In contacts with FCT, the Security PIN validates the identification of the interlocutor.

  • No, with the exception of FCT.

  • You can retrieve your access credentials at

  • In order to have access to the Science and Technology Portal (PCT) functionalities, they must have been delegated to you by the elements of your institution that belong to the PCT Administrators Group. The functionality recently made available is the electronic submission of expenses that is performed, in many institutions, by the project management offices. If you have not received an email informing you that you have been given access to this functionality, you will not see it when you enter the PCT with your access data.

  • You can log in using the access codes Username and Password and/or authentication with CIÊNCIA ID.

  • The identification keys consist of the SCIENCE ID, Association Key and Security PIN.The identification keys are available, after login, on the myFCT portal (Profile) or in FCT SIG (following the link "Registration Data" in the upper right corner of your screen).

  • The access codes consist of a User Name and Password and allow access to a set of features made available by FCT, for example: FCT SIG, CVs, Project Submission, Portal of SCIENCE and Technology, etc.

    These access codes, still in use, will tend to be discontinued in the future with the progressive adoption of authentication with CIÊNCIA ID.

  • It is a means of individual and permanent identification and authentication for citizens who engage in scientific activity. You can obtain your identifier and more information on the CIÊNCIA ID website.

  • With CIÊNCIA ID there is now a single account, with official identification, which allows authentication in various services in the field of science.

  • Any citizen engaged in scientific activity, researchers, professors and scientific staff (e.g. science managers), Portuguese or foreign, involved in the Portuguese scientific system.

  • You can create your SCIENCE ID account in one of the following ways:

    • Create account "Using your e-mail" - Manual Filling: This option allows the user to create his account by manually filling in his personal data. It is the user's responsibility to correctly fill in these data.
    • Create Account "Using the Citizen Card or Mobile Digital Key": This option requires authentication with the Citizen Card or Mobile Digital Key. The main advantage is the automatic filling of data related to the user's identification document.

    See how to register in the CIÊNCIA ID Tutorial.

    Note that for a complete registration and to fully enjoy the functionalities of the system, you should adopt the account creation using the Mobile Digital Key or the Citizen Card.

  • You can access the CIÊNCIA ID website and perform one of the following actions:

  • No. The CIÊNCIA ID is a unique personal identifier, with official character, for those who develop scientific activity in Portugal.