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1st edition of Call of Advanced Computing Projects

FCT, through its National Scientific Computing Unit (FCCN), announces the opening of the 1st edition of Call of Advanced Computing Projects, whose applications for the first batch of proposals open on August 14 and will run until 12 noon on September 14.

This is the first Call to make computing resources with around 27 million core.hours available on national platforms inserted in the National Network of Advanced Computing (RNCA). The Call aims to promote the presentation of Advanced Computing Projects in all areas, which will be technologically supported via RNCA, through its advanced computing resources.

The RNCA currently incorporates 4 operational centers with the respective platforms that are part of the present Call:

  • Bob, operated by MAAC - Minho Advanced Computing Center (;
  • Navigator, operated by LCA-UC - Laboratory for Advanced Computing at the University of Coimbra (;
  • Oblivion, operated by the HPC-UE - High Performance Computing of the University of Évora (;
  • Cirrus-A and Stratus, operated by INCD - National Infrastructure for Distributed Computing (;

 Two types of access will be available: A1 - Preparatory Access, recommended to all scientific and innovation projects with no previous experience in HPC or HTC and/or no history of use in RNCA's computing resources, with a limit of 50,000 core.hours or vCPU_core.hours; and A2 - Project Access, aimed at using HPC, HTC or Cloud Computing resources, for projects larger than 50,000 core.hours or vCPU.hours up to a maximum limit of 3,000,000 core.hours or vCPU.hours.

This Call is part of the National Initiative Digital Competencies e.2030 Portugal INCoDe.2030 and is aimed, individually or in co-promotion, to higher education institutions and their R&D (Research and Development) institutes and units; to State or international laboratories based in Portugal; to private non-profit institutions whose main objective is R&D activities; to other public and private non-profit institutions that develop or participate in scientific research activities and to companies of any nature and under any legal form.

More information is available at Call for Advanced Computing Projects.

Image credits:

1 - Bob - FCT - FCCN

2 - Navigator -

3 - Oblivion -

4 - INCD - or at