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25 Years of FCT in Science: Opportunities and Challenges

The Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) will open the program of celebrations of its 25th anniversary with a conference entitled "25 years of FCT in Science: Opportunities and Challenges", on January 14, at 14:30, at the Thalia Theater in Lisbon. This will be the first of 12 sessions organized by FCT throughout the year to mark its first quarter century.

The program of this first session opens with an address by Helena Pereira, FCT's president, entitled "25 Years of FCT in Science". The second intervention will be made by Alexandre Quintanilha, deputy to the Assembly of the Republic, with the communication "Knowledge - Pillar of democracy". This will be followed by a panel discussion dedicated to the theme "A vision of the future for science", in which science and technology researchers and also former presidents of FCT and of the National Board of Scientific and Technological Research (JNICT) will participate. The last paper will be given by the president of the National Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, José Manuel Mendonça, under the title "Science with impact - social relevance and contribution to the economy. The session will be closed by the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor.

The session will be streamed online at this link.

The debates will continue throughout this year, taking place in different cities, stimulating discussion around important issues for the future of science in Portugal and Europe. The sessions will be attended by personalities and representatives of the various dimensions of the construction of knowledge about science and technology in Portugal, in which FCT, over these 25 years, as the national funding agency for scientific activity, has played an important role.

Upcoming sessions:

Advanced Training and Doctorates
February, Aveiro

Scientific Employment and Careers
March, Porto

Scientific Institutions
April, Coimbra

Science 2022: Meeting with Science and Technology, in FCT's 25th anniversary
May, Lisbon

R&D Activities and Projects
June, Vila Real

Open Science, Repositories and Online Library
July, Braga

Summer with Science
August: Bragança

Scientific Culture and Live Science
September, Faro

Advanced Computing
October, Guimarães

International Scientific Cooperation
November, Évora

FCT and science in Portugal and in Europe
December, Lisbon

(Dates and locations of the sessions will be announced soon).