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950 PhD Scholarships attributed on the 2018 Call


(English version available soon)

The Foundation for Science and Technology today released the results of the 2018 Competition for the Attribution of PhD Fellowships , under which 950 Fellowships will be awarded in all scientific areas, from among 2,540 individual applications evaluated.


The Fellowships now awarded are for the development of research and development work plans associated with obtaining the academic degree of PhD, to be started from September 1, 2018 through PhD Programs in Portuguese or foreign Universities.


The applications were reviewed by 36 discipline-based scientific panels, taking into account three criteria, namely: i) the absolute merit of the applicant; ii) the merit of the work plan; and iii) the merit of the hosting conditions. The cut-off lines for each panel were defined by an international scientific coordination team, as foreseen in the opening notice (see details in the respective minutes, which include the number of Fellowships attributed per panel). The overall pass rate was about 37% (i.e., similar to the 2017 pass rate).


As of today, the candidates have access to the comments that justify the classification assigned to their application and have up to 10 working days to, during a prior hearing of interested parties, present possible arguments to the evaluation panel. 


Analysis of the results now released shows that:


  • 78% of the Fellowships awarded relate to work plans carried out entirely in Portugal;
  • 18% refer to mixed Fellowships , with work plans to be carried out partly abroad; and
  • 4% refer to work plans carried out entirely abroad.


Women represented 56% of the selected applicants and men 44%. Of the selected candidates, 91% were of Portuguese nationality, while 28 Fellowships were awarded to candidates of Brazilian nationality, 20 Fellowships to candidates of Italian nationality and 10 Fellowships to candidates of Spanish nationality. In total, Fellowships was granted to candidates from 22 countries, including Portugal.


In addition to the Fellowships awarded in this call for individual applications, FCT is also supporting in 2018 more than 550 Fellowships awarded under Doctoral Programs and international partnerships. In total, more than 1520 Fellowships doctoral grants will be awarded this year, representing an increase of more than 14% over the total number of Fellowships supported in 2017, as summarized in the table below.


The next Competition for the Award of PhD Fellowships will be announced at the end of 2018. As with the last two competitions, the application period will run during the first quarter of 2019, so that the results will be available by summer 2019.

See more information in the attachment.