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Open the Call for the Implementation of Proposals of the Participatory Budget Portugal


In 2017, the first edition of the Participatory Budget Portugal was launched. In this initiative of the Government of the Portuguese Republic, citizens across the country chose 38 projects, including 8 in the areas of Science, Scientific Culture and Technological Innovation. The Foundation for Science and Technology and the Ciência Viva Agency are now opening a Call for the implementation of the winning proposals in the areas of Science.

The Call is open until March 12. R&D units, higher education institutions and private non-profit institutions that include the promotion of scientific and technological culture and/or literacy among their objectives can apply.

The Participatory Budget Portugal is a democratic, direct and universal process, through which people decide on public investments, in different areas of governance, including science. At this moment, the 2018 edition of the OPP is accepting proposals.