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Support "RESEARCH 4 COVID-19" - Results of the 2nd edition

FCT announces the result of the 2nd edition of the support "RESEARCH 4 COVID-19" which will fund 55 research projects, corresponding to a total investment of 2 M€. The support for these projects comes from national funds through the FCT budget.

The 55 funded projects are distributed over the following research and intervention areas: 8 projects for prevention; 8 projects for preparation for various phases of the pandemic; 4 projects for studies on health and social vulnerabilities associated with confinement and lifting confinement; 4 projects for epidemiological studies and evaluation of the transmission of the infection; 7 projects for early diagnostic methods; 1 project for infection early detection algorithms; 6 projects for immune response, immunopathology, and immunogenetic factors; 8 projects for new therapies and therapeutic approaches; 6 projects for clinical studies and follow-up of infected people and risk groups; and 3 projects for medical devices and equipment. The list of supported projects can be found here.

The submission of proposals for the 2nd edition of Research4Covid-19 ran from April 30 to May 15. Of the 495 proposals received, 471 were submitted for evaluation by external experts.

These 55 research projects join the 66 projects funded by the 1st edition of the "RESEARCH 4 COVID-19" support.

RESEARCH 4 COVID-19" is an exceptional funding line for response to the Covid-19 pandemic, created by FCT in collaboration with the Agency for Clinical Research and Biomedical Innovation (AICIB). It aims to fund research and development projects and initiatives, already underway or to be developed, that meet the needs of the National Health Service (NHS) in its intervention in the fight against the pandemic.

This funding line is part of a varied set of support, Calls and other initiatives, launched this year by FCT as part of the fight against Covid-19: the Call for R&D projects AI 4 COVID-19: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Public Administration; the Gender Research 4 Covid-19 support; the Call for Studentships doctorates4Covid-19; the Science 4 COVID-19 portal, the increased capacity of the RCTS - Science, Technology and Society Network, which supports the Internet connections of the education and research community; the reinforcement of the capacity of services that ensure distance learning and teleworking in the academic and scientific community (Colibri, NAU, Educast, Videocast); and the creation of a COVID-19 page on the FCT website, which gathers all the information that is being issued, directly or indirectly related to this pandemic situation.