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CEEC Institucional: divulgados resultados finais


The final results of the Incentive Contest for Scientific Employment - Institutional(CEEC Institutional) have been released. They were approved 58 scientific employment plans with an overall number of 400 contracts for doctoral researchers and for career reinforcement in Universities, Polytechnics and other institutions.

After the signature of the program contracts between FCT and the selected institutions, these institutions must begin the execution of the approved plan within 6 months, during which time the hiring of researchers will begin. The calls for applications for the positions offered will be opened directly by the institutions, with financial support from the FCT.

The approved plans include 221 contracts within Research careers, funded by FCT at up to 100%, and Academic careers, co-funded by FCT at up to 50%, and employment contracts for researchers in various categories, fully funded by FCT, resulting in the following distribution of new contracts:

  • Junior Researchers: 16
  • Auxiliary researchers: 20%.
  • Principal investigators: 8%.
  • Coordinating researchers: 1%.
  • Career Researchers: 13
  • Career Faculty: 42%. 

The tender procedure took place under the Incentive Program for Scientific Employment. The Institutional CEEC aims to enhance the practices of promoting scientific employment and future strategies developed by institutions or networks between institutions.