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Contracts under the Stimulus for Scientific Employment transitional rule

Under DL no. 57/2016 in its current wording, institutions with doctoral fellows who have been working in public institutions, or who are funded by public funds, for more than three years, consecutive or interpolated, must open two tender procedures for the hiring of doctoral researchers. The first procedure must be opened as soon as possible, and the second procedure before August 31, 2018.

Whenever the Studentship that gives rise to the position to be contracted has been directly or indirectly funded by the FCT for more than three years, consecutive or interpolated, the FCT will assume the costs of hiring, regardless of the selected applicant, by entering into a program-contract with the institution. The entities that are host institutions have signaled to the FCT their grant recipients that will give rise to these positions.

The information sent to FCT on the implementation of the transitional rule by the different institutions covered, only regarding contracts to be funded by FCT, is updated here. The list provided is a status report of the information sent, and does not mean a validation of eligibility for FCT funding of the signaled contracts.