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FCT updated the value of Studentships Research for 2022

All research Studentships covered by FCT's Regulation of Research Studentships have been updated for 2022 with an increase of 40.00€ in the value of the monthly maintenance allowance. This update is effective as of January 1, 2022, so grant recipients directly funded by FCT will receive the amounts retroactively in the March payment.

This annual update of the monthly maintenance allowance amount for the research Studentships results from the FCT Research Studentships Regulations, taking into account the changes in the value of the minimum monthly salary guaranteed (minimum wage) each year.

For 2022, the value of the minimum wage was set at 705.00€, corresponding to an increase of 40.00€ in relation to the amount for 2021. The FCT Board of Directors, in a meeting held on January 31, 2022, decided to set this value for updating the Studentships, deciding also to apply it to all grant recipients covered by the types of Studentships provided in previous regulations, whose Studentships are still in execution in the year 2022.

The new table of Studentships research values is avaliable here.