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FCT at Futurália under the motto "Is Doing Research Your Scene?"


The Futuralia is the largest Education and Training Fair of national scope, this year it was held from 16 to 19 March at FIL-Feira Internacional de Lisboa, and the FCT was represented for the first time in this event at the invitation of PO CH-Human Capital Operational Program.

The participation of FCT, under the motto "Doing Research is Your Scene?", was assured by researchers and doctoral programs, representing the support given by FCT to Advanced Training - doctorates and post-doctorates - through Fellowships and the funding of doctoral programs, both with co-funding from PO CH.

Futuralia 4

The theme of Digital Employability was also stimulated by FCT, through the participation of partners of CPED (Portuguese Coalition for Digital Employability), namely ANPRI (National Association of Informatics Teachers), CDI Portugal, the Code Academy and the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém. These partners of the coalition coordinated by FCT disclosed the opportunities that the area of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) represents for career development in the future, as well as for the growth of the national digital economy.

FCT's presence at Futurália had the following objectives: to enlighten students on the academic paths that lead to a PhD, namely which courses, in Portugal or abroad, how to identify a supervisor and the project, or obtain funding; to illustrate the multiple career opportunities for PhD graduates: research, industry, entrepreneurship, science management or consulting; and to publicize the potential and opportunities of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) training for the 1st job and/or re-qualification.

Futuralia 3

More than thirty doctoral and post-doctoral students volunteered to collaborate in this initiative with FCT, serving as spokespeople and sharing testimonials and experiences about their academic, professional and even personal careers with the students, teachers and parents who visited Futurália.

FCT's presence also included the collaboration of the Games for Media and Information Literacy project of the UT-Austin Portugal Program and several doctoral programs, which had the opportunity to promote a first contact with high school students, before their entry into higher education. The following programs were represented:

- RaBBiT- Radiation Biology and Biophysics Doctoral Training Programme;

- PhD Program in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies;

- PhD Program in Migration;

- PhD Program in Art and Design;

- IGC PhD Programme Integrative Biology and Biomedicine - IBB;

- PhD Program in Experimental Biology and Biomedicine;

- PhD Program in Materials Science and Engineering;

- PhD Program in Nanotechnology and Nanoscience;

- PhD Program in Advanced Materials and Processing - AdvaMTech;

- PhD Program in Psychology;

- HERITAS PhD Program - Heritage Studies;

- PhD Programs at MIT Portugal;

- PhD Program AIM-Advanced Integrated Microsystems.

(More images available at #fctnafuturalia on Instagram)