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First Call for R&D Projects to Prevent and Fight Forest Fires

FCT launched the first call to finance research projects aimed at the prevention and combating of forest wildfires. The funding of the 2017 contest is estimated to be € 5 million. Applications are open until 28 February 2018.

This is the first of three calls. The following ones will be launched by July 2018 and July 2019 under the R&D mobilization Program for the prevention and combating of forest wildfires, which was created by the Council of Ministers Resolution n.º159 /2017 on October 21st. This resolution was passed following recommendations in a report prepared by the Independent Technical Committee who investigated the fires of Pedrógão Grande. € 15 million of total funding are foreseen for the projects selected from the three calls.

These calls intend to promote scientific research and innovation, strengthen scientific and technical skills and capabilities, ensure the appropriation and incorporation of scientific knowledge into the decision support systems of operational systems, and advance the production of new knowledge aimed at solving problems. Areas of research will include:

- Management of forest resources; Post-fire restoration and forest management; Models of planning and preventive forestry; Models of organization and management of forests in the areas of protection, conservation, silvopasture, recreation, leisure, and production; Management and appreciation of biomass in rural areas;

- Fire management and behavior of extreme fires; Attitudes and behaviors towards fire prevention, fire control, and land management; Occupational health and safety of Fire Protection Technicians;

- Meteorology, forecasting, and risk management including the detection of ignitions, the optimization of early warnings, and the development of intelligent observation and decision support systems; Sensory, information, and emergency communication systems and their integration into the decision-making processes.

See the call page site for more information.