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Portuguese Internet Governance Initiative 2017

Portuguese Internet Governance Initiative 2017

The 2017 edition of the Portuguese Initiative on Internet Governance will take place on September 29th, at IAPMEI (Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation), in Lisbon. The event is co-organized by FCT with ANACOM, APDSI (Association for the Promotion and Development of the Information Society), DNS.PT, IAPMEI and ISOC PORTUGAL.

A panel of experts in different Internet-related fields, different public and private social actors, and society in general are coming together to debate various topics such as the future of the Internet, citizenship and digital skills, freedom of expression, Internet trust, and international connectivity.

Among the various parallel sessions, Parallel Session 1 stands out, entitled "Is the exercise of full citizenship possible without digital inclusion? This session will address issues such as the role of the Internet in the exercise of citizenship and the responsibilities of government, the private sector, academia, and civil society in empowering citizens for the safe and informed use of the Internet, whose messages will be particularly relevant in the context of the priorities set by the Government through INCoDe.2030.

This initiative aims to inform and debate some key aspects of the current global discussion on Internet Governance. The reflections and messages that result from this Initiative will contribute to the discussion that will take place worldwide, under the National and Regional Initiatives, at the 12th edition of the IGF (Internet Governance Forum), in Geneva, from December 18 to 21, 2017, under the theme "Shape Your Digital Future!"

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