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National Scientific Computing Journeys 2019 at the University of the Azores


The Jornadas de Computação Científica (Days of Scientific Computing) began yesterday, this year taking place for the first time outside mainland Portugal. Until May 8, the main meeting of managers and users of digital services provided by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) takes place in Ponta Delgada, Azores University, this year's host.

The Scientific Computing Conferences are organized in the scope of the National Initiative Digital Competences e.2030 - INCoDe.2030. This annual event aims to bring together researchers, teachers, technicians and other users of various digital technologies and support systems provided by the FCT. Over three days, the goal is to create spaces for knowledge sharing and promote discussion about the emerging possibilities of digital services and scientific computing.

Under the National Initiative Digital Competencies e.2030 - Portugal INCoDe.2030, the FCT ensures the continuous and systematic modernization of services to support scientific computing in Portugal. The services provided include the National Network for Advanced Computing and its connection to Europe and the World, the open access repositories (RCAAP), the online scientific knowledge library (b-on), the infrastructure for distance learning (NAU), the information management services, the digital identity services, the digital communication infrastructures (RCTS), the digital collaboration tools (Colibri, Estúdio, etc.), digital preservation (, network security, among others. All these services will be discussed over the three days of the Conference, in the form of presentations, plenary sessions, working meetings and workshops.

The Jornadas de Computação Cientifica 2019 have the support of about 32 sponsors and partnerships, including several prominent companies in the information technology industry, being organized jointly, in this year's edition, with the University of the Azores.