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Scientific Employment Transitional Rule

Under the Scientific Employment Stimulus Program and following the completion of the regulatory process of the amendments to DL no. 57/2016 introduced by Law no. 57/2017, institutions have the necessary elements to open Calls to hire researchers with doctoral degrees under the new legal regime, particularly those referring to the transitional rule. In this context, FCT will fund the costs of hiring originated by tender procedures for the functions performed by doctoral fellows with Studentships in force on September 1, 2016, funded directly or indirectly by FCT for more than three consecutive or interpolated years (until December 31, 2017 or August 31, 2018).

This funding will take place through the signing of program contracts with the host institutions to support the costs of such employment contracts. FCT therefore publishes guidelines for the celebration of program contracts.

Each grant recipient covered by the transitional rule will give rise to a position to be opened by the host institution. FCT will fund the contract of the selected researcher, provided that the grant holder who originated the Call has applied. FCT will fund only one contract per eligible grant recipient.

The Calls must be opened by the grantees' host institutions and do not require FCT authorization or validation.