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New Rules for the Allocation and Management of Fellowships


FCT has published today, June 2nd, the new Regulations for Awarding and Managing Fellowships in the scope of R&D projects, infrastructure projects, the Pluriannual Funding Program for R&D Units and other FCT funding instruments - Version 2021.

We highlight the following changes, to be taken into consideration with the entry into force of these Standards:

1. The publication of the opening notices of Calls will now be compulsorily carried out on the EURAXESS Portugal platform. The ERACareers will enter a transitional period so as not to compromise processes already underway and will be deactivated very soon.

2. FCT will no longer carry out prior validation of the notices of opening of Calls, so it is not necessary for the entities to notify FCT that the notices have been published in EURAXESS Portugal. The preparation/validation of the notices of opening of Calls for Fellowships contracts is the exclusive responsibility of the contracting entity and must follow the EBI, the RBI and these Rules. Verification of the processes leading to the award of Fellowships, including the terms and conditions of the respective calls for proposals, shall be carried out by the FCT when monitoring the execution and complying with the applicable regulations.

3. FCT must only be sent the supporting documents for the grant processes identified in point 11.1. of the Guidelines. All elements of the Call, contracting and execution of the grant must be part of the respective funding dossier at the contracting entity.

4. In addition to administrative verifications of expenses presented in payment requests, the selection/contracting processes of Fellowships may be subject to specific audits by the FCT to verify the respective documentation, and failure to comply with the applicable rules may result in the ineligibility of the associated expenses.

5. Entities must adopt the new Exchange Contract Draft made available.

These Rules come into effect on June 7, 2021.

File of the Standards for Allocation and Management of Fellowships
Draft contract file