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New Values for Studentships for PhD

The Studentships doctoral grants funded by FCT will have new values. The Monthly Maintenance Allowance (SMM) is updated based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI - Annual Average) for 2017, as determined by the State Budget Law for 2018.

 The new values will be: 

  • - Studentship for doctoral studies in the country: the SMM increases from 980,00€ to 993,43€;
  • - Studentship for doctoral studies abroad: the SMM increases from 1.710,00€ to 1.733,43€;
  • - Studentship of Doctoral Program in Companies: the SMM increases from 980,00€ to 993,43€ (SMM paid by FCT and the company where the work program takes place in equal parts, unless otherwise stated).

The update applies retroactively to all amounts paid as SMM since January 1, 2018. The funds will be transferred to the bank account where the contract-related receipts are processed at Studentship. The SMM update will be processed as early as May or, at the latest, in June.

 Any doubts related to this update may be clarified through the e-mail Studentships@fct .pt.