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OPP'2018: 47 Projects in Science, Technology and Higher Education

The OPP'2018 (Orçamento Participativo Portugal) received around 700 projects, of which 47 are in the area of Science, Technology and Higher Education. These projects will now be selected by citizens, who can vote until September 30th for their favorites.

The projects presented are regional in scope, with an impact on at least two municipalities in the same region, or national, with an impact on more than one region of the country.

Voting can be done online at, or by free SMS to 3838. Each citizen is entitled to two votes - one for national projects and one for regional projects.


The academic and scientific community has played a key role in the OPP, both in drafting and presenting proposals. Both communities are called upon to participate and mobilize to vote.

The winning projects are publicly presented in October 2018 and realized starting in 2019.

More information at