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HERA Network funds two young researchers to attend Early Career Researcher Event

The network HERA - Humanities in the European Research Area - will hold the event from September 23 to 26, 2018, in Slovakia. Early Career Researcher (ECR), with the aim of offering 60 young researchers the chance to meet each other, share their research ideas, reflect on their work and engage in self-development opportunities. The network will fund the participation of two Portuguese scientists who express their interest until August 24.

The ECR event will offer a set of workshops under the Joint Research Programme (JRP III) "Uses of the Past". Participants are invited to present a poster of their research work and will have the opportunity to discuss it in a multidisciplinary setting.

HERA is a network of national funding agencies targeting the humanities community in Europe. It aims to establish new innovative agendas with the aim of increasing the contribution of the Humanities to the European Research Area, as well as to the debates on issues of particular relevance to European society.

The two Portuguese researchers selected by the network will have accommodation and meals assured, as well as air or train tickets to the value of 200€. Transfers to the venue of the event are also assured.

Researchers are eligible, preferably up to 35 years old, who are pursuing their PhD or a post-doctoral degree, provided that they have obtained their PhD degree less than 7 years ago and are conducting research work within the categories of the theme "Uses of the Past".

Expressions of interest, accompanied by CV and abstract of the poster, should be sent to the email nuno.moreira@fct.ptuntil 5 pm on August 24th.