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COVID-19's Impact Mitigation Exceptional Allocation Regulation Fellowships


Fellowships Following the information previously made available, FCT informs that the Regulations for Attribution of Exceptional Impact Mitigation Regulations of COVID-19 in Research Activities (Regulation no. 560-A/2021), applicable to Fellowships directly funded by FCT (Fellowships contracted between FCT and the research fellows) have been published in the Official Gazette, which can be consulted here

Research grantees whose work plans have been severely impacted due to the suspension of face-to-face activities determined by the COVID-19 disease, may submit a reasoned request to apply for the COVID-19 exceptional impact mitigation grant. This application may be submitted until July 1, 2021, to

It should be clarified that, for grant recipients whose contracted grant has a duration shorter than the maximum allowed by the applicable Regulation(Regulation no. 950/2019), it is still possible to request an amendment to the duration of the grant, up to the maximum provided for in the Regulation, based on unforeseeable and duly justified circumstances. The COVID-19 Regulation for the Attribution of Exceptional Impact Mitigation Fellowships provides the possibility of attributing exceptional Fellowships grants beyond the maximum duration possible until now.

With regard to Fellowships indirectly funded by the FCT (Fellowships not contracted with the FCT), namely Fellowships whose activities take place within the scope of projects, research units and research infrastructures, as a funding institution and not as a contracting entity, the FCT makes it possible, within the scope of monitoring the execution of these support instruments, to introduce adaptations to the work plans, as well as reprogramming of a financial nature (re-budgeting between expenditure items, without increasing the funding granted) and of a temporal nature, under the conditions and within the limits established in the specific regulations or calls for proposals, which will make it possible to accommodate possible extensions to the deadline for completion of these Fellowships, which may be framed within the objectives and tasks of the projects and research units approved, and provided that the beneficiaries of the support so desire and communicate this.