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Results of the 3rd edition of Call of Projects for Prevention and Fighting of Forest Fires

FCT has released the results of the 3rd edition of Call for Scientific Research and Technological Development Projects within the scope of Forest Fire Prevention and Fighting, launched in December 2019 and whose evaluation was concluded with the selection of 19 projects for funding, within 81 evaluated applications. The projects to be funded correspond to a total investment of 5 million euros.

These projects aim to promote scientific research and innovation, enabling the production of new knowledge and strengthening technical skills in different areas that are important to the prevention and fighting of rural fires, from a multidisciplinary perspective, and incorporating a component of dissemination and application of the results that will be obtained.

The 19 selected projects are distributed over the following research areas:

- Attitudes and behaviors towards fire prevention, firefighting, and land management - 3 projects;

- Forest resources governance - 3 projects;

- Management and valorization of biomass in rural areas - 4 projects;

- Organization and management models for forest areas - 1 project;

- Management models and preventive forestry - 2 projects;

- Meteorology, forecasting and risk management - 3 projects;

- Post-fire restoration and forest management - 1 project;

- Occupational health and safety of combat technicians - 2 projects.

This Call concludes the 3rd edition of project funding oriented towards the prevention and combat of forest fires promoted by FCT and with a total budget allocation of 15 million euros. This program is part of the set of structural, organizational and operational measures to improve the prevention and fighting of rural fires, established in the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 159/2017, of October 30, resulting from the analysis of the Independent Technical Commission (CTI), composed of national and foreign experts, which analyzed the fires that occurred in 2017, which registered a dramatic loss of human lives and a high destruction of material and environmental assets.

In the first two editions of Call, held in 2017 and 2018, 37 research projects were approved, in various scientific areas, for a total amount of 10 million euros. These first projects were presented at the meeting "Rural fires: Better management based on scientific evidence", held in November last year, in a joint organization between FCT, ForestWISE - Collaborative Laboratory for Integrated Forest and Fire Management and the Agency for Integrated Management of Rural Fires (AGIF). The titles, responsible researcher, participating entities and summaries of the projects are gathered in a brochure produced by FCT.

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