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Rui Reis wins prestigious award from the American Society for Biomaterials


The Clemson Award for Contributions to the Literature from the American Society for Biomaterials is given to scientists who have made significant contributions to the literature on science or technology in biomaterials. These contributions are measured by the regular publication of scientific articles and the citation of these publications by independent researchers, among other indicators.  

Rui Reis, scientist in the field of biomaterials and director of ICVS/3Bs, a Associate Laboratory supported by FCT, is the recipient of the Clemson Award 2014, in recognition of his contribution to the area. The award will be presented in April, in Denver, during the annual congress of the Society for Biomaterials.

Research at the 3Bs (Biomaterial, Biodegradables and Biomimetics) center focuses on developing new biomaterials (hydrogeals, three-dimensional supports, membranes, nano- or microparticles) based on natural polymers, which can be used for targeted drug delivery and tissue engineering. Several projects use stem cells from adipose tissue, bone, bone marrow, amniotic fluid, and umbilical cord, induced to form bone, cartilage, and skin cells, in combination with three-dimensional structures, for application in regenerative medicine.

This award is one of several given to Rui Reis in recent years. Last year, the researcher received an ERC Advanced Grant, and had already received two awards from the European Society for Biomaterials - the Jean Leray Award (in 2002) and the George Winter Award (in 2011).