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About Beta

This site you are visiting is a still under development version of the next website of the Foundation for Science and Technology. We decided to share this renovation process with the national scientific community because we consider it important to maintain a productive dialogue, listening to comments and suggestions, certain that they will enrich the final version.


This decision also carries some risks, so it is important to note the following premises:

  1. Due to the nature of the work in progress, we are unable to guarantee the accuracy of the information available at Thus, the "authoritative" source of information will continue to be the FCT institutional website;
  2. A good part of the contents and functionalities of this website will be made available progressively, with many revisions of form and substance;
  3. There are likely to be presentation issues on different browsers and mobile devices;
  4. We are aware that there may be accessibility problems and we are working to progressively resolve them.


We are strongly committed to providing a modern website, compatible with the mobile devices used on a daily basis, new and better contents ensuring a good user experience.

We ask for your understanding and patience during this process, stressing that we are doing our best to make the conclusion of the process and the transition as non-disruptive as possible.