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NAU Project Launch


NAU Save the Date

The NAU Project is a public administration initiative for distance learning and training for large audiences. The project launch session will take place on September 27, at 9:30 a.m., at the Pavilhão do Conhecimento, with the presence of the various entities that make up the consortium.

NAU is a platform through which the Public Administration and Higher Education will provide online courses in various formats, on multiple topics and for a large number of users. This project arises from a need to aggregate the efforts of the Public Administration in an infrastructure of great capacity for the provision of online courses.

The project, initiated by FCT, through its FCCN unit, and which already involves the participation of several ministries, will allow the development of training actions for a larger number of employees and citizens with greater frequency and quality, while reducing costs. It will be a pioneering platform at a national level, based on the Portuguese language, which will cross seas and be a reference point for Portuguese culture in the digital space. The training offer will be multiple, and may also host content in MOOC format - Massive Open Online Course.

This protocol ceremony at the Pavilion of Knowledge will have two keynote speakers, who will frame this initiative from a broader perspective. Catherine Mongenet, CEO of France Université Numérique and responsible for the project "France Université Numérique", will give her testimony on the French experience in this area and Pedro Guedes de Oliveira, Coordinator of INCoDe.2030, will address how the NAU Platform can be integrated with the national digital skills initiative.

Check the program and, if you wish, confirm your presence at the event.