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Remote is the 6th Portuguese unicorn

Remote, one of the companies that is part of CMU Portugal's Industrial Affiliates, is the latest Portuguese unicorn to have raised $150 million in a Series B investment round.

With a valuation of over a billion dollars, it thus joins Farfetch, Feedzai, Outsystems, Mambu and Talkdesk, all with Portuguese DNA, to be considered unicorns, and all integrated in CMU Portugal's list of industrial affiliates.

Remote is a human resources (HR) platform designed to help companies build and manage remote teams around the world. Founded in 2019 by Marcelo Lebre and Job van der Voort, it is the Portuguese startup that reached unicorn status the fastest. After this operation, this platform will hire between 400 and 700 people by the end of 2022.

Remote's main mission is to simplify the management of global HR by enabling any company to establish itself in a new market by avoiding associated administrative red tape. As a global platform, they enable HR spread across the globe to establish their own local legal entities in countries around the world to ensure compliance with local and international regulations.

The CMU Portugal Program was created in 2006 in collaboration between Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). This partnership has already led to the creation of 12 successful startups that continue to make their mark on the national and international scene, including Feedzai, Unbabel, Veniam, and Mambu. Together, these companies have managed to attract several tens of millions of euros in international funding and have created more than 1000 highly qualified jobs.

About FCT International Partnerships

The International Partnerships were launched in 2006 and are a strategic collaboration between Portuguese universities and R&D institutions with three North American universities: Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and University of Texas at Austin (UTA). This collaboration gave rise to the CMU-Portugal, MIT-Portugal and UTA-Portugal Programs, which promote the internationalization of national scientific and higher education institutions, enhancing innovative projects and the mobility of highly qualified human resources.

FCT has been the main responsible for the public funding of these Partnerships, as well as for their monitoring, promoting new thematic networks of knowledge. For the period 2018-2023 the International Partnerships have become part of the goPORTUGAL initiative, which reinforces and expands the concept of international partnerships.