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Session of the FCT 25th anniversary program dedicated to "Advanced Training and Doctorates

On March 3, 2022 the University of Aveiro will host the second scientific conference of the FCT 25th Anniversary Celebrations program, which will be dedicated to the theme "Advanced Training and Doctorates"(program).

The session, which will take place in the Renato Araújo Auditorium, will open with interventions from the President of the Board of Directors of FCT, Helena Pereira, and the Rector of the University of Aveiro, Paulo Ferreira. In the morning, the work will address several topics such as: "The role of doctorates in scientific development and competitiveness"; "Doctoral programs in Portugal: a look from the DGES records"; "Doctorates in R&D: characterization and evolution over the last 25 years"; "Strengthening the Portuguese public administration: the role of doctorates"; "The contribution of doctorates for the competitiveness of Portuguese companies"; closing with a communication from the President of the Board of Directors of FCT, entitled "25 years of doctorates in Portugal".

During the afternoon two discussion tables will take place dedicated to the themes: "The context of doctorates" and "Journeys from academia to companies". The session will be closed by the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor.

Throughout its 25 years of activity, advanced training remains a priority for FCT, which annually opens public Calls to award research Studentships for doctoral studies in all scientific areas, with high levels of competitiveness, in which it relies on the participation of evaluation panels of recognized scientific merit. Investment in advanced training has been an essential vector for a National System of Science and Technology of excellence with renewed critical mass, rejuvenated and creative.

The session will be broadcast online, in a link available in the commemorations' program page. Participation in person is free, but requires prior registration. See the program of the session, already available.

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